Kaibeto Boarding School
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Commited to excellence in Character, Dine' Language and Culture, and Academic Achievement

KBS Mission Statement:
Kaibeto Boarding School will provide opportunities that will empower students to strive to achieve excellence in Character, Dine' Language, and Academics for college and career readiness to meet the relevant needs of our community

KBS Motto:
Where Cardinal Character Counts!

The History of Kaibeto Boarding School:
Kaibeto Boarding School is a medium, locally controlled BIE School located in the far northern part of the state of Arizona and the north western part of the Navajo Nation.  All students enrolled at the school are members of a federally recognized native American tribe.

In 1930, the Kaibeto community asked for a school. Five years later, Kaibeto opened a day school. Because Kaibeto is located in a remote area, the day school started with forty five students enrolled with an average daily attendance of nineteen. To increase the student population the day school became a boarding school.  
Around 1940, The community requested for an expansion of the boarding School The request was granted and the army barracks were used and converted into student dormitories.

In 1948, Mr. Amos Singer went to Washington to request for further expansion of the school and his request was granted. Five years later, the construction of the Kaibeto Primary School began. The primary school opened in 1954 under the principalship of Mr. Lawrence Capps. The primary school contained four classrooms, two dormitories, a kitchen and a dining room. When the primary became over crowded, it was necessary to continue the use of the old stone school buildings across the wash.

In 1961, due to the large growth of the school, four new classrooms, a multi-purpose room, a dorm, and employees housing were constructed. The dining room was expanded and the old day school buildings were converted into apartments.

In 1976, the Kaibeto Primary School and the upper boarding school were consolidated, which contained twenty-two classrooms, four dormitories and a large dining room. It accommodates 640 boarding and day school students.